Art Projects using Urban Canvas Toys

5 to 6 years

Spring Butterfly
Create a collage that celebrates the beauty of the butterfly. Look through old magazines and catalogs for interesting textures and patterns. Cut them out in unusual shapes then arrange the shapes to create an interesting design. Glue the design on the reverse side of the butterfly using glue sticks.

Metropolis Train Set
Draw a scene or place for the train to travel. Work with a friend or sibling to create two different sceneries or draw one scene on two separate train cars. Use markers, crayons, or colored pencils to draw on the reverse side of the train.

Cityscape Building Set
  • Build four to five buildings that range in height. Use examples of famous skyscrapers.
  • Use all the cityscape pieces to build a continuous cityscape. Use pictures of a city skyline for inspiration.

Forest Grasshopper
Create a design that makes the grasshopper blend into a forest. Use shapes and colors found in nature. Draw the design on the reverse side of the grasshopper using markers, crayons, or colored pencils. Adult assistance is needed to assemble the grasshopper.