It’s finally here!

This has been a long time coming, but it is finally here!  Introducing Urban Canvas, a design oriented toy company that makes eco friendly toys for creative kids!

Urban Canvas is my fourth child.  I have three young children from 3-7yrs. old and they are the reason why I created Urban Canvas.  It wasn’t long after I became a mom that I realized that there aren’t many sustainable toys out there that challenge children’s imagination and are visually appealing.  Coming from an art and design background, I expected to see more imaginative toys in the marketplace.  I remember from my days as an art educator, the pleasure my students and I had working with cardboard to create these wonderful large scale sculptures. So, I started making toys for my children out of cardboard and quickly noticed that my creations held their attention far longer than the many other toys that they had.  Sometimes my children thought my ideas needed modification but most of the time they played with and decorated whatever I created with great exuberance.  The result of this “cardboard think tank” is Urban Canvas.

So here it is folks.  The premier line of Urban Canvas toys is directly inspired by my children and the themes that they like.  Of course, I’m already thinking of the second and third line of toys for Urban Canvas and am in constant search for ideas from other parents, children, teachers, artists, and designers.